Tired of wasting time organizing scrims?

ScrimBot will simplify your match creation so you can get to gaming as quick and easy as possible. Just type v!match create and let ScrimBot do the rest.


  • Match Notifications

    When new matches are created, interested players can get notified which helps increase user engagement in scrims. The match notification includes the time and date, so players can instantly know whether they can join or not.

  • VALORANT Rank Roles

    If you choose, ScrimBot can automatically give players roles in your server based on their VALORANT competitive rank. This is a great way to show off your in game achievements.

  • Automatic Team Voice Channels

    ScrimBot will create voice channels for each team and automatically move players into them. No more having to move 10 people into different voice channels!

Online Dashboard

Access all of your match statistics from a modern dashboard!

Easily create new matches or view old ones. (Only available for patrons.)

Open Source

ScrimBot is completely open source under the MIT License. Feel free to file an issue, send in a pull request or just browse the code. You can also pop into our Discord server and say hi: https://discord.gg/ApQqyFD